Running portainer agent on Synology NAS.

If you want to manage Docker on your Synology NAS, from a Portainer instance running somewhere else, you need to deploy the Portainer agent on your Synology NAS.

The installation guideline for running the agent on a standalone Docker host, can be found at

A small correction is needed, as at the Synology DSM, Docker directories are not located at /var/lib/docker, but at /volumeX/@docker.

So, to run the Portainer agent, SSH into your Synology NAS and run the following command. Replace volume1 with whatever your volume name is.

sudo docker run -d -p 9001:9001 --name portainer_agent --restart=always -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v /volume1/@docker/volumes:/var/lib/docker/volumes portainer/agent
Code language: Shell Session (shell)

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  1. Mads,
    Beautiful documentation. I was missing the @Docker location and your post solved that for me quickly.
    Thank You!

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